Francisco Claure Ibarra was born in 1958 in Aiquile, Cochabamba, Bolivia, and presently lives in Vienna. Over the last 25 years he has practiced intensively black and white photography.

Through his photography he shows landscapes and people in their original and natural beauty.

Claure Ibarra`s special technique increases the expression of his photos, using natural materials as a base for his handmade photographic paper, and if modern objects would not be present, the observer would get the impression of looking at pictures from the time of the beginning of photography.

Following the tradition of photography, he also prints high quality classic photographs using fibre-based papers with silver gelatin which are treated with selenium toner for museum quality conservation.

Hand coloring black and white photographs is also one of the techniques he uses.

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For Francisco Claure Ibarra the art of photography is not limited to the present time dimension. This approach is particularly critical for photography, being itself in the clutches of the technological change of digitalization – everything is being turned over in the race for more pixels (colour), total compatibility and reproducibility.

The photo moves ever faster … the individual image slips away … but even so HANDMADE PHOTOGRAPHY cannot be viewed as random anti-position to technical progress. Claure’s pictures simply employ a different perspective. They are not a direct answer to the – basically welcome - present photography boom, but an art contained within itself, expressing cultural diversity, and reminding us that digital techniques do not have monopoly over the value of expression.

In his work, Francisco Claure Ibarra applies photographic art, which has in the past expressed different concepts of time of human existence, and is obviously still able to do so today. The cosmopolitan Claure, has been working for many years in a very consistent manner at the realization of this form of expression by using a special technique. The special development of his black and white pictures – which makes each photo a non-reproducible unique copy. The pictures come alive for the observer – mixed with larger or smaller amounts of nostalgia – but always predominantly dreamy and poetic in nature.

What particularly impressed me in Claure’s work is, that the time seems to be captured in his pictures … and not the other way round … precisely because they are not industrially manufactured items … but HANDMADE PHOTOGRAPHY !